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Warehouse Lighting Singapore – Light The Way And Reducing The Risk

Warehouse Lighting Singapore is the lighting used in a Warehouse or other Hospitality places to light the way of the Employees storing or organizing items in the warehouse. The large and open spaces of a warehouse building or distribution centre require adequate illumination. So items can be identified and workers can navigate through aisles easily. It also reducing the risk of accidents and damage to stored items. As a result, lighting may account for 50%-80% of onsite electric bills for warehouse and logistics facilities.

The effect of Warehouse Lighting is different than normal light. Instead of bright and spread over a large area, a Warehouse Lighting need to have a high-output but low-glare source. To achieve this result, a Warehouse Lighting usually uses high pressure discharge lamps. The electricity power around 250W – 400W.

Modern warehouse lighting systems use the latest efficient light sources (including T5 fluorescent tube, induction lamp and LEDs) and intelligent control systems. These solutions can cut the energy use of older HID or fluorescent lights by up to 80% while still improving on the quality of light.


Which Warehouse Lighting System is Best for Your Place?

Some key points in considering a new energy efficient warehouse lighting system are:
– How critical is minimum maintenance of the lighting fixtures (lamp replacement etc) ?
– Are there issues with the existing lighting system? Poor colour rendition or light distribution (glare, shadows etc)?
– Is there a set target for payback on any investment made in the new lighting?
– How often will the warehouse aisles be occupied?
– Is good access to daylight available in the warehouse via skypanels etc?
– Is the installation dependent on qualification for the Carbon Trust financial loan scheme?

Now you already have this information of Lighting system that can give you a head start on getting your warehouse project started. Go get Started!