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Wall Lighting Singapore : What, Why, And How

Wall Lighting is one of the most useful type of lighting. Almost every house have one wall lighting as their lighting decoration. In this article, we will discuss all about Wall Lighting Singapore. From What exactly is Wall Lighting, Why is it considered one of the best Lighting Fixtures among many other similar things, and lastly, How we can implement it in our place perfectly so we can get the maximum effect.

What is Wall Lighting?

Let’s start from “What” topic. Wall lighting is, like its name suggest, a type of light fixture affixed to a wall in such a way that it uses only the wall for support. Wall Lighting also usually referred to as ‘Sconce‘. Sconces usually have either one of 2 types of lighting, one directional or multi-directional. Other than homes, Wall Lighting also widely used on many important establishments in Singapore like hotels, companies, cafe, restaurants, and many more. It’s not exaggerating if Wall Lighting is considered the second most commonly used lighting after ceiling lamps.

Wall Lighting
Wall Lighting

Why do We Use Wall Lighting?

The second topic, “Why”. If you ask why, it’s because this type of Lighting is the most versatile at home. Wall Lighting can provide three key features: task, ambient, and accent. Wall Lighting is a nice choice for a HDB as it can even be paired with the ceiling lights in your place lighten up the entire room. Their style can be matched to any form of Walls and themes as well.

Now, as previously mentioned, There are three key features. Let’s see them one by one while discussing what kind of Wall Sconce are the most suitable for each of them.

First, Task. Task lighting is just what the name implies. Whether it’s reading, doing homework, crafting or cooking, this type of lighting helps you to perform tasks. Putting Task lighting on the wall is a great space saver, especially in the bedroom. In wide spaces like living room, you can put several Wall Sconches so you can get maximum exposure to lighting while still maintaining the softness of the light.

Second, Ambience. Ambient lighting provides a soft, balanced lighting. Not harsh in the eye, but give enough lighting so you can easily work around. In rooms with tall ceilings, sconces can be installed high on the wall which will add to the ambient lighting.

Last but not least, Accent. Accent lighting can create a certain atmosphere to a room. For example, wall sconces with dark, opaque shades will force the light to radiate out from above and below the fixture. When the size of the room is not too big, this can create a very interesting hourglass shape on the wall, as well as dramatic shadows. A very perfect decorations for average Singaporean houses.
Accent lighting is also used to put the focus on elements of interest, like artworks, mirror, and photographs. This type of lighting should be brighter than the surrounding ambient lighting and usually put in certain distance beside the object of interest to maximize the effect, making it look like highlighting the object.

Wall Lighting

How Can We Use Wall Lighting Effectively?

Now that we have discussed about “What” and “Why”s, we will move to the last topic, “How”. How can we maximize the effect of each type of Wall Lighting? Below we listed some methods on using Wall Lighting effectively and efficiently.

    • Using Multiple Wall Lighting is acceptable in some situations. You can place two or more wall lighting in certain places like Dining room or put a pair of sconces beside a fireplace or a valuable object like paintings for good symmetry.
    • Use Various Wall Lighting Designs. Like all other Light Fixtures, there are multiple designs available for Wall Lighting. You can try experimenting on what kind of design is the best for your room. For example, you can pair with 2 wall lighting in a living room or dining room. This Wall Lighting models have great chemistry with most of the modern-style living room and dining room.
    • Some specific tip for using Wall Lighting. Finding out the mounting height of Task-Purpose Wall Lighting, measure from the floor — the lighting should be eye level when you are sitting on the bed. For Ambience, if you have a vaulted ceiling or unusual ceiling detail, up lighting is very attractive and provides great ambient light, as long as your ceiling is white or light-colored.
    • If you want to add sconces to an existing wall, expect it to get a little messy. You will need an electrician to move the power, and a carpenter to patch the wall. However, if you want to avoid cutting open your walls, there are some great wireless products on the market you can use.

If you are interested of using Wall Lighting for your decorations, we provide a wide selections of them in our Wall Lighting Shop. Feel free to browse around, or contact us if you need some tips or services regarding your lighting choices.