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Theatre Lighting Singapore – All About Theatre Lighting

Theatre Lighting Singapore normally is used to brighten the room or to bring in the aspect of enhancing the viewing. However, Theatre Lighting, is used to bring up the theatre and also the play. Lighting in this aspect is not just brightening the room purpose, but also to support the whole stage. Stage Lighting Singapore – is an important role in the whole concept and had an important relationship with the actors on the stage to brighten, lighten or focus, to bring out the message convery to the audience that is viewing.

Functions of Stage Lighting:

Illuminate vision of the viewer

The first and most important function of light is to enable viewer to see, lighting are carefully planned by director to allow audience to see what they are told to view. Bringing the focus of the audiences’ via the Theatre Lighting, is also named “selective visibility” mentioned in Wiki, so that the audience will not miss any important scene of the play.

Day and Night, Happy or Sad.

Stage / Theatre Lighting Singapore also set the mood of the event of the play. The lighting density also reinforce the specific moment of the scene, capturing the audience’s visual and emotion attention.


Painting the Picture

Lighting on the Theatre, are set with various colour to create the stage visual perspective using the composition of the lighting to direct and lead the thoughts of the mind to set various imagination leading to the flow of the story that was intended.

Revelation of form

Stage Lighting are used to create dimensional against the other objects and the whole background of the stage. It improves and shape the actor and the surrounding, revealing the form of the object, its body and size.


Lighting helps the stage to bring out the purpose of the scene, using it to create an whole feeling of the environment. Bringing the message closer to the audience.

Theatre Lighting Instrument

Lighting Instrument, is a device that offer controlled lighting effect so that the Lighting Artist can use to offer the visual effect to the audience.

Theatre Lightings are a group of instruments that is used in the theatre, they are used in various method:

  • Box/Housing
  • Light source (lamp)
  • Lens or opening
  • Reflector