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Security Lighting Singapore

To be secure, everyone needs light. When there are no light, then any kinds of bad incident can happen. From burglary, kidnapping, to murder, almost all of those incidents happened in a dark and solitary places. That’s why we need a specially-made lighting to boost our security, aptly named Security Lighting.

The Purpose of Security Lighting is to protect something important, it can be an important object or important person. These Lightings are used to aid the Security Officers detect something or someone that moving around the place by providing enough illumination over an area. Security Lighting usually used at the time between dawn and dusk.

Security Lighting can also be used in daily lives to remove potential hiding places for would-be criminals, because usually people who want to do it will hesitate when the place is bright and more confident when the place is dark. Also, if there are any accident at night, it can provide Facial Recognition for a certain distance. Turning on the Security Lights at night can increase the feeling of security for people, so having it is a must.
Putting Security Lights in an area in accordance to a camera can also reduce vandalism and other property crime, so it’s highly recommended.

Security Lighting often compared to Safety lighting, but these two are different kinds of lighting. Security Lighting originally was made for people to easily detect moving things around it, while Safety Lighting was made only to provide sufficient illumination in places like emergency stairwell so people won’t trip and fall. The energy consumption for Security Lights are also a bit more severe than Safety Lighting, thus the user need to have a good plan first before using it.

How To Implement Security Lighting Correctly

There are 2 kinds of implementation for Security Lighting, for Residential and for Business.


There are several types of Security Lighting for Home, such as Perimeter Lighting, Access Lighting, and Landscape Lighting. Perimeter Lighting is a motion sensor Security Lighting, very useful in terms of security because it can warn the owner if there is any movement around it. Access Lighting usually installed in entryways and doorways, allowing the owner and visitor to see each other clearly. Lastly, Landscape Lighting, it works by using low light levels to show movements around the residence. A person who want to snuck in can be quickly detected using this.



Business Security Lighting is different than Residential. A business place hold many important information so the security will be much more strict. A business needs a large Security Lighting Systems, especially for business that closes after dark. Walkways, Vehicle Park Lot, Entrances, there are many things that should be lighted so unscrupulous people can be quickly detected by the Security Guards.

Not only outside, but also inside the building need meticulous Security Lighting. The difference is, outside the building you need a wide-area Lighting to detect intruders upon large area, while inside the building, it’s better to have each light concentrating to one place. Better if the light have glaring effect because it can hinder the criminal’s activity and make it easier to produce shadow.

In general, no specific lamp type are the best for all applications because they each have their own advantage and disadvantage, but it’s recommended not to mix lamp types in one area. In addition, The color of Light should be one of the bright colors that can make people see easily. You can see the more of the details here, and if you want to buy some Security Lighting products I recommend you go to Our Shop.