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Technical Data:
Power: 24V DC / 20W Dimensions of Fibre: 1mm Cable: 3m
Color: RGB (8 functions) Fibres: 80 points
Cable: 3 m / C-IP67 plug Useful LED life: 60,000 h

Complete Deco-Fibre set consisting of an LED-Beam and 80 optical fibres 1mm in different lengths. The power of the LED-Beam Mini is sufficient for relatively low ambient brightness like children’s rooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc. or to realize applications like light dots in maps, models, etc. It is not recommended for use with Deco-Crystal Mini or similar on the ends of the fibres.
If not used with a battery (in vehicles), please order an additional 24V DC power supply unit. One power supply unit of this size can supply up to 80 LED- Beams Mini.