F02 Industrial Plus Floodlight

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Floodlight | F02 Industrial Plus Floodlight series is an outdoor lighting series which are beautiful, cost-saving, long life-span and a heat-resistant lamp up to 90°C / 194°F. Improved Safety, Durability & Energy Efficiency Industrial Plus Floodlight


Product Features

F02 is in fact one of the brightest LEDs in the renewable energy industry. It is integrated with a patented aerospace structural design and providing consistent light intensity and high performance even in extreme climates (down to -65。C). F02 Floodlightis ideal for large outdoor areas including external walls, gardens, sport fields and parking lots. Beautiful, cost-saving, and with an incredible long life-span, it is the perfect solution for applications of LED integration in the renewable energy industry. Complete safety certifications, system stability, and total water-resistance.