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Obstruction Lighting Singapore

Obstruction Lighting Singapore – Mark Your High Structure

Obstruction Lighting Singapore Guidelines

Obstruction Light – Based on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations, all building or structure that higher than 200′ from ground level needs to be marked. ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) also describe the same minimum requirements for various structure heights.

There are a lot factors that can affect obstruction light marking requirements. Such as terrain, weather, proximity to airports, building structure, etc. But after all height is one important consideration when choosing how a building or structure got to be marked.

Regarding this Lighting Systems, your tower must be painted in alternative levels of aviation. White and orange to provide maximum daytime visibility. Red lights are for nighttime. In the case of white or dual lighting systems, the need for painting the tower is eliminated.

If you think you need to use Obstruction Lighting, here are the general requirement you need to consider :

  1. The light must have high quality with a longer lifetime.
  2. It is better if you can find a light with lower watt but still producing a good performance.
  3. Less wire and easy to install can be another your consideration points.
Obstruction Lighting Example

Basically, Obstruction Lighting Singapore has three kinds of intensity: Low, Medium, and High.

a. Low Intensity

You can choose Soleo Bia. It is non-wiring lighting. It Multi-position to adapt the system to every configuration. They have a backup battery. And also fault feedback

Obstruction Lighting Singapore
Obstruction Light

b. Medium Intensity

One good example is Strobeo Mia. It very light and compact Flash headlight. Strobeo Mia has a long lifetime (more than 3 years). Their Flash Headlight is very simple to open. And it is integrated with the Monitoring function.

Obstruction Lighting Singapore

C. High Intensity

One of the good example for this type is Obsta Hi. We can choose of the number of flash heads. It can synchronised all the flashes. Obsta Hi have the simultaneous switching mode operation. it easy to install with adjustable centreline of the light beam.

Obstruction Lighting Singapore