Lighting Design And Proposal

Important aspect of your interior design

Upon accepting our No-Obligation Service Program, our team members will be able to start coordinating with your relevant staff in providing you our lighting services and solutions immediately. 

Lighting is a very important aspect of your interior design. Proper lighting design and placement can often be overlooked.
Find Out More About Interior Lighting Design Now! In addition, it’s always advisable to choose the right IP & IK rating for your exterior lights so as to prevent hazardous accidents. Find out more about IP Rating and IK Rating before deciding on the type of lighting to use.

Installation Of Intelligent Lighting Control

Comfort features of a room

Modern Lighting System have to do more than just switch on and off. Nowadays. Light is one of the comfort features of a room and part of an energy-saving concept in facility management.

At Penta Lighting, we helps you to create lighting solutions (lighting scenes) that can be stored and recalled, possibly with integrated presence and daylight-dependent control. The system is very easy to operate and also enable feedback messages to be sent to a building management system.

Free Delivery (Over SGD300)

Enjoy free delivery for orders over SGD300

We have delivery teams making trips throughout the island, providing end-users with minimal downtime and inconvenience. At Penta, you are sure to enjoy our delivery service at your doorsteps! Enjoy free delivery for orders over SGD300 only. Otherwise, the prevailing courier rate will be applied.

Lighting Services

Provide maintenance support on electrical systems

In today’s competitive business environment, many companies are reducing professional and maintenance staff to cut costs. Penta Lighting has responded by increasing the types and levels of service that we offer.

Whether you are an operations manager or facility manager who has preventative maintenance, design, testing, or documentation requirements that staff personnel are unable to complete in addition to their day-to-day duties, or a property manager seeking routine or specialized services, Penta Lighting has a solution that can be customized specifically for your requirements.

Penta Lighting can provide maintenance support on electrical systems, interior and exterior lighting, and on-premise signs. Whether you need seasonal service, recycling, re-lamping, preventative maintenance, or electrical system trouble-shooting, one call gets it all.

Our service advisers will create a plan to include the exact service level you require:

  • Quarterly, semi-annual, or annual scheduled agreements with discounted rates
  • Parts and Labor support agreements
  • Contract services
  • Lighting efficiency review and testing


Identify and solve even the smallest electrical challenges

More often than not, many buildings do not have detailed lighting maintenance policy other then replacing burned-out bulbs. Poor lighting maintenance can lead to visual degradation, reduce worker productivity, contributes to higher energy costs and safety & security issue.

Having an effective lighting maintenance schedule can include many things including scheduling, policies, and inventory control.

We know how daunting it can be to identify and solve even the smallest electrical challenges. To avoid any electrical disruption that can affect your business, Penta provide quality electrical support service and convenience to our clients with a one-call support of any electrical requirements your facility may have.

Our team of qualified lighting technicians can provide a standard maintenance visit, handle small to medium sized projects including adding an additional light fixture, and determine power correction issues.

Common Questions About Maintenance

Lighting systems should be maintained on a regular basis

Why have scheduled maintenance?

Given that lighting is often a business’s largest consumer of energy, lighting systems should be maintained on a regular basis. No matter how good the original design and installation are, the quality of light will deteriorate with time, resulting in the following:

Lamp burnout: burned-out lamps should be replaced soon after they are reported, so that they are not affecting life-span of other components.

Lamp lumen depreciation: the output of a lamp decreases gradually over its life.

Luminaire dirt depreciation: dirt buildup within and outside of the fixture can cause light loss

Why Have PENTA LIGHTING Perform My Maintenace?

Include all aspects of lighting, electrical, and signage costs

Our maintenance program is designed to include nearly all aspects of lighting, electrical, and signage costs, so you don’t have to worry about it. Penta Lighting provides turnkey services, so the benefits for your business include:

  • Elimination of demands on staff to perform maintenance
  • Greater compliance with safety regulations
  • Proper disposal of old equipment including lamps and ballasts
  • Reduced maintenance costs and higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower utility costs from efficient lighting products
  • What does the maintenance program include?
  • Lighting maintenance can play a large role in reducing energy use. Worldwide Energy offers a variety of maintenance options.
  • The maintenance program provides support for all of our services including electrical systems, interior and exterior lighting, and on-premise signs. This can include seasonal service, re-lamping, and preventative maintenance.
  • We also offer-discounted rates for quarterly, semi-annual, or annual scheduled agreements, labor support agreements, and can respond to calls within 48 hours.