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Landscape Lighting Singapore

According to Wikipedia, Landscape Lighting the lightings that are used for outdoor illumination of private and public landscapes. These types of lighting is one of the offshoot of Security Lighting. So, both of them have similar purpose, which is for the enhancement and purposes of safety, nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, security, recreation and sports, and social and event uses.

A Landscape Lighting also very ideal for Industrial Environment such as coal handling plants and cable tunnels. For these types of places, a wall-mounted Landscape Lighting is more suitable to use. Wall-mounted Landscape Lighting is best used to brighten places that need illumination but can’t afford to take additional space, such as stairs, passageways, footpaths, and subways.


An exceptional examples of these Lightings can have additional attachment or energy source, such as Wire Guard or Optional Photocell Control. These types of quality lighting can be supplied as SON, MBF, or GLS versions.

For every products there must be a requirements or standards, and Landscape Lighting is not an exception. Below is a list of standards a good quality Landscape Lighting must have.

  • Body and frame in strong pressure die-cast LM6M high corrosion resistance aluminium.
  • Cover frame retained on two stainless steel safety chains
  • Covers in prismatic polycarbonate or 9mm thick (nominal) thermally shock resistant borosilicate glass
  • Fixings outside gasket line to preserve IP rating
  • Clip-on nylon coated steel wire guard available
  • Optional photocell control
  • Tamper-resistant cover screws available
  • Complies with M.O.D. JSP482 Chapter 8 Document for ‘Category C’ areas (up to 70W)
  • BSI Kitemarked and ENEC approved versions

And these are additional requirements when the Products are using LED Lights.

  • High power white LEDs
  • Aluminium gear tray with LED heat sink bar
  • Fitted with 4000K LEDs

Having the qualities above is a sign that it’s a quality-make Lighting. These are the requirements that a brand product usually abide to, without missing even one of them. So when you’re about to purchase a Landscape Lighting product but it didn’t fulfill these criterias, then its quality is, more often than not, not very good.

Benefit of Landscape Lighting

Using Landscape Lighting in daily lives has various benefits. Other than obvious ones like added safety and providing assistance to night-time activities, Landscape Lighting also have various other benefits, such as:

Expanding Night Time Living Space

When you lit up your dark backyard or frontyard, the space which you can use will increase. No one wanted to walk on a dark, wide place like a garden at night without any illumination. That’s just a recipe for a horror story. On the other hand, when you put lights to illuminate the dark garden, it will make them seem more beautiful, and it’s widely known that people prefer a lighter place rather than dark places. With your yards illuminated, it’ll essentially add more living spaces in addition to tighter security.

Provides Boundary Lighting

Another use for Landscape Lighting i is to mark a boundary. In night time, fences and boundaries will hardly be seen with naked eye. Therefore, you will need the illumination effect from these lightings. This is made more important when you have dangerous zone near your place, such as a cliff, or a river. Using photometrics, you can create some kind of Wall of Light that will aptly show the edges of a yard.

Create Breathtaking Visual Effect

Some of the most beautiful scenery ever recorded is seeing a well-arranged lights in night time. It’s also a usual occasion seeing a couple confessing to each other at night times, illuminated by tiny lights around them, and still considered romantic. These are some of the proof that a well-arranged lighting can create a great visual effect that are not losing with natural scenery.

Example of Products

Penta Lighting Shop has a vast selections of Landscape Lighting. From immovable Landscape Lighting like Park Lighting, to a portable wall-mounted Landscape Lighting. We have various models for each type of Lighting so feel free to see and browse it yourself.