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Emergency Lighting Singapore – No More Darkness in Your Sight

Since the start of civilization, human beings are afraid of darkness. That is why we are trying so hard to create and invent source of light, from primitive torch to the modern light fixtures. Among all modern Lighting Fixtures, Emergency Lighting is a type of lighting that are solely dedicated to repel the darkness.

An Emergency lighting will start to function when it detects that surrounding light is down or the electricity is cut. Therefore, every single Emergency Lighting model will have a secondary energy source that can provide it with electricity once the primary source is cut, be it from battery or generator.

There are 2 types of Emergency Lighting, Self-Contained and Central Battery.

Self-Contained means that all the things required to activate Emergency Lighting, like electrical source, charging circuit, control unit, etc. are inside the body/casing of the Emergency Lights itself.

Usually, these type of Emergency Lighting are portable models, because the prequisite of a portable Emergency Lights is that it should be able to readily be activated and easily movable. The downside of these kinds of lights are it’s usually not too bright because it only has limited energy source so it has to control the output.


The second type, Central Battery, means that The energy source, control unit, etc. is not contained in the body itself, but being maintained in separate place. Only the lamp part is inside the body. These types of Emergency Lighting are usually the ones that has fixed position, and cannot be moved because they already have fixed electrical circuit that connects to the main source or the Central Generator Set.

The advantages of these type of Lights are they usually emit strong lights or can lightens up indefinitely, so they are used to brightens whole establishments as opposed to just a room or a limited place. The disadvatages of these Lights are, like what has been said before, it can’t be moved, so it can only brightens their specific area.

Importance of Emergency Lighting

We all know how important light is in our daily life. So imagine if suddenly the light is out while we are doing something very important that need our full attention or while we are looking for important places like Emergency Door.


Without any help from the light, accidents are bound to happen. People can fall from the stairs, the food can get burnt while cooking because we can’t see it’s already done or not, and in extreme cases, for example, while a surgeon is conducting operation, this can cost a life.

This is where Emergency Lighting come in. With the assistance of Emergency Lights, all disasters above can be avoided. This is why every place, be it home or public, must have at least some Emergency Lights to create enough light so that people won’t be hindered when doing their activities.

Emergency Lighting Test and Qualifications

Because of the importance in our daily life, Emergency Lighting, especially the Central Battery types, need to be maintained and tested regularly.

You can see the qualifications and the regular test process for the setup here. The information on that page can tell you many things about the technicality of Emergency Lighting Usage and Testing.

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