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Driveway Lighting Singapore – Properly Illuminating The Destination

Driveway Lighting Singapore is very important to provide a safe and welcoming entrance to your home. It can make other person who visit your home feel truly welcome.

Don’t repeat people’s common mistake. Here are some example:

  • Usually they over lighting their driveway and ending up with a aircraft runway wannabe. Instead, just set enough landscape lighting to guide drivers safely along.
  • Short thinking. Remember to always keep step back and get perspective on what would really make a bold impact.
  • Putting the focus on the actual lights. People don’t want to see the lights themselves, they want to see what they’re lighting.  The unique branch structure, stonework, or architectural feature should be the star of the show, not the lights itself.

There are several effective ways to light your home’s driveway. It can make an easier navigation to park your car.

  1. Position them at regular intervals to mark the perimeter of your driveway. Or  your desired route to your parking places or garage.
  2. Put a pedestal lights to illuminate a clear route.
  3. Define clearly marking the boundaries if you have a tight entrances.
  4. Finally, use wall mounted motion sensor lights.

For example you can use Olux Water Proof.

It designed with the concept of maintainability, flexibility, and sustainability. Olux have addition anti UV ingredient. It contains no hazardous material.

Olux Water proof ideal for indoor and outdoor lightings. They can use for:

  • Roofed Outdoor Lighting
  • Underground Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting

They thermal management ensures reasonable ECG temperature for optimal operation. Olux can be surface mounted as well as suspension mounted.

Afterall, an illumination of driveway’s entrance provides a visual clue at night to drivers. Properly illuminating the destination makes parking and exiting a vehicle more safer.