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Cold Room Lighting Singapore – All About Cold Room Lighting

Cold Room Lighting Singapore, bulb is used in brightening places like cold store, chill room. Lighting up places like these are very challenging due to the cold condition and low temperatures. A good thermal over tubes ensures that good lighting performance always.

Featured Cold Room Lighting (Singapore) Product:

The Solow XLED exemplifies the supreme efficiency that is expected of Thorlux luminaires providing up to 36,500 lumens and an efficiency of up to 148 luminaire lumens per circuit watt. Extremely long life extends maintenance intervals. A low profile design coupled with in built installation points allows for fast installation.


Smart versions have a unique sensor that can be optimised for use up to 18m, maintaining excellent occupancy detection. Smart TR โ€œwirelessโ€ versions eliminate the requirement for control cabling often associated with retro-fit installations.

Integral emergency versions utilise the same LEDs and lenses maintaining the optical performance of the luminaire in the event of a power failure.

Applications: general industrial areas, manufacturing, leisure centres, high level racking aisles, retail and commercial areas.

  • Dedicated lens for every LED
  • Medium power Up to 148 luminaire lumens per circuit watt
  • Up to 36,500 lumens