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Aircraft Obstruction Lighting

To reduce light pollution and customer demand, we developed the Aircraft Obstruction LightingSystems for automatic obstruction lighting activation for aviation obstructions such as wind farm turbines, high voltage transmission lines and communication towers.

The Aircraft Obstruction Lighting Systems provides reliable, continuous 360 degree radar surveillance of the airspace around wind farms, power lines, communications towers and installations that require aircraft obstruction lighting from the ground level to above aircraft flight altitudes, automatically issuing signals to activate obstruction lighting when aircraft are detected at a defined outer perimeter.

The Aircraft Obstruction Lighting is the most capable technology available and meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and various EU standards. The Aircraft Obstruction Lighting visual warning system additionally is compatible with all wind energy turbines, control and communication networks, and obstruction lighting systems.

The Aircraft Obstruction Lighting collision avoidance system is used for non-cooperative aircraft detection and UAV sense-and-avoid and the system provides aircraft detection out to 24+ miles with continuous tracking and lighting signal activation (through SCADA or direct interfaces).


The Aircraft Obstruction Lighting is highly customizable for each site and application with multiple alert zones and activation perimeters, and is available as a stand-alone system or integrated with other sensors and warning devices such as audible beacons.

The design incorporates redundant sensors and back-up detectors that include Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast and Traffic Advisory System receivers for a greater safety and reliability margin.

The Aircraft Obstruction Lighting System is the most widely deployed system on the market today.